Meissner Lab June, 2013 Cambridge, MA

Our laboratory is a mixed group of experimental and computational biologists in the Department of Stem Cell and Regenerative Biology (HSCRB).  We use genomic tools to study developmental and stem cell biology with a particular interest in the role of epigenetic regulation (Mikkelsen et al. Nature 2008; Koche, Smith et al. Cell Stem Cell 2011). The term epigenetic refers to stable modifications of the chromatin and DNA that do not alter the primary nucleotide sequence. The global epigenetic makeup of a cell is a powerful indicator of its developmental state and potential. We have pioneered next generation sequencing technologies (Meissner et al. Nature 2008; Gu et al. Nature Methods 2010; Bock et al. Nature Biotechnology 2010) to study the epigenome in normal development and disease.

Our lab has also continued to provide important mechanistic insights into the generation of iPS cells using genomic (Mikkelsen et al. Nature 2008; Koche, Smith et al. Cell Stem Cell 2011; Bock et al. Cell 2011) and single cell imaging (Smith et al. Nature Biotechnology 2010) tools. Over the last years we have accumulated tremendous insights of the process and build many essential tools. Combined with our genomic expertise we are in a unique position to expand these studies to have a broad impact on regenerative medicine and make major contributions to our general understanding of cell states.